Professional drilling process of concrete cutting in Sa Dec

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Positioning the drill hole

The positioning step is usually assigned by the customer as desired, then the center of the hole is marked with a cross-proof wet ink. This is a very important job, helping drill the right position to drill.

Brackets stand

You can use the stopper of bullet or hatch to hold the base. Statistics need to be fastened to help the base is stable, if the position of the drill surface is rough, we use anti-keeng bolts.

Execution of concrete core drilling

khoan cắt bê tông đồng tháp

After capturing the base, we assemble the machine and the drill to position the hole. The stand will only be tightened after the drill has been positioned in the center of the hole.

Assemble and fix the machine

This is the main and most important job, so the machine moves slowly (especially with the new tip). When the nose has reached 2cm deep into the concrete, proceed slowly pressing the drill to the depth of the concrete. When touching iron should move slowly to ensure the rotation speed of the machine is stable.

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