Lam Vien – Forbidden Mountain

24/04/2020Lượt xem: 123

This is also considered one of  the famous tourist destinations in An Giang  not to be missed. Many people still consider Lam Vien – Cam Mountain as a miniature Da Lat city of the West. The atmosphere here is always cool, comfortable and pleasant all year round. The natural landscape is beautiful.

Cam Mountain is the highest mountain here and has a height of about 700m above sea level. Trekking and conquering this mountain is truly a great experience that you should try. At this mountain you will also discover many ancient temples, shrines and pagodas. It is Van Thinh pagoda with a giant buddha statue, or Thuy Liem lake – where many Buddhists come to liberate or Big Buddha pagoda with a Buddha statue of Di Lac up to 3m high.

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