Experience the tourism of Kusu Island

Kusu Island (also known as Turtle Island) is a popular island with locals but few foreign tourists know about it.

The legend of Kusu Island revolves around a giant tortoise god. The tortoise god turned into an island to save the lives of two shipwrecked sailors, a Chinese man and a Malaysian man. In gratitude to the turtle god, they built the temple. Therefore,  Kusu Island is  also known as Turtle Island.

On  Kusu Island,  Da Bo Gong Temple is the place to worship God of Fortune. The layout and details are sculpted bold Chinese architecture. The temple is always filled with incense and incense of the devotees who come to pray for fortune, luck and health. In addition, Da Bo Gong Temple worships Guan Yin Buddha so many tourists come here to pray for their son.

In particular, if you want to pray for love, do not forget to climb 152 steps to the temple of three Malay saints on the hilltop to pray for a happy marriage and descendants. Around September of the lunar calendar each year,  Kusu Island  becomes a major tourist attraction for pilgrims.

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