Devil’s Tower 50 million years old

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Devil’s Tower with a monolithic structure of 264 m high is a spectacular wonder, attracting the most visitors in the United States. This place has a strange appearance, the peak of 4,000 m2 tower can accommodate thousands of people.

Devil’s Tower located in the state of Wyoming is a famous place that many tourists visit when coming to America. The mountain has a monolithic monolithic rock structure, formed about 50 million years ago due to volcanic activity. Devil’s Tower is about 264 m high, the top is quite flat with an area twice the size of a football field.

The place is associated with many legends, considered by the Aboriginal people as a sacred destination to conduct important ceremonies of the year. The most famous are the legends of indigenous tribes Kiowa and Sioux Lakhota. Around the tower, there are many scratch marks left by the bear when chasing young girls.

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