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46 million temple in Singapore – Tìm là có | Đăng là bán
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46 million temple in Singapore

Located in Chinatown in Singapore, Buddha is one of the largest temples in the lion island nation with a construction cost of about $ 46 million.

Opened in 2007,  the Buddha Temple  is one of the largest temples in the lion island nation. Located in Chinatown in Singapore, the project cost SGD 62 million (about US $ 46 million).

Buddha Temple  has 5 floors, built in the style of Tang Dynasty architecture in China. The name of the building comes from the relics located here, the tooth on the left of Buddha.

The designer of the  Temple  is the abbot Shi Fa Zhao. With the help of locals and foreign consultants, he designed the project based on the Mandala Buddhist circle, a symbol of the universe in Buddhist culture.

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