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# 1 Pomina steel quotes today, construction steel prices in April 2020

1 Pomina steel quotes today, construction steel prices in April 2020 Pomina steel price list Pomina steel price list includes shaped steel, steel pipe, box steel, purlin, corrugated iron and all kinds and updated at construction steel Manh Cuong Phat. Thép Mạnh Cường Phát we receive advice and quotation service quickly, you need to order. Contact us at the address below

Price list of Pomina steel

Imported raw materials affect the overall price of construction materials today. However, customers can feel secure because we always bring the most suitable general price

We will update regularly and regularly about prices. The constant updating of price information is also a way for customers to find the most appropriate time to buy


Bảng báo giá thép Pomina will be adjusted to bring the best prices to each customer and dealer, large and small across the country. The following price list is for your reference

Hotline: 0313 694 028 – 0919 741 066 – 0988 707 505

firstSymbols on the iron tree Apple
2D 6 (ROLL)1 Kg 10,300
3D 8 (ROLL)1 Kg 10,300
4D 10 (Tree)Length (11.7m)7.2161,000
5D 12 (Tree)Length (11.7m)10.3996,000
6D 14 (Tree)Length (11.7m)14.13135,000
7D 16 (Tree)Length (11.7m)18.47177,000
8D 18 (Tree)Length (11.7m)23.38226,000
9D 20 (Tree)Length (11.7m)28.85283,000
tenD 22 (Tree)Length (11.7m)34.91363,000
11D 25 (Tree)Length (11.7m)45.09473,000
twelfthD 28 (Tree)Length (11.7m)56.56contact
13D 32 (Tree)Length (11.7m)78.83contact
14Nails + zinc fastening = 13,500 VND / KG – Tai De Belt 15 x 15 … .. 15x 25 = 12,000 VND / KG

What is Pomina steel?

– Vietnam Italy Steel is another name for Pomina steel, a steel product applied on a closed production line. Meet international standards, and appropriate parameters during the manufacturing process.

Pomina steel application many current works: townhouses, ports, constructions, bridges and many other items.

Contact information

Manh Cuong Phat Steel Trading Service Co., Ltd
Headquarters: E10 / 295 F National Highway 50. Hamlet 5 Phong Phong Commune – Binh Chanh District – Ho Chi Minh
Gmail: thepcuongmanhphat @ gmail. com
Hotline: 0313 694 028 – 0919 741 066 – 0988 707 505

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